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Please read the information below prior to filling in the form to sign up for the invocation process. Once you submit your sign up information you will be directed to another page, where you will need to read the guidelines for providing the invocation and click a button stating you will agree to abide by the guidelines. Once you click the “I agree” button your sign up will be submitted to the City Clerk’s office.

The City Clerk’s office will confirm that you have not presented the invocation during the last quarter. The City Clerk’s office will send you a letter confirming the Council meeting date. Enclosed with the letter will be a copy of the guidelines for providing the invocation.

For questions or assistance with the sign up process please contact the City Clerk’s office at 925-516-5440.

Invocation Procedures & Sign Up

  • By 5:00 pm on the Wednesday immediately prior to the City Council meeting, persons wishing to give an invocation must sign-up on the City’s webpage calendar or contact the City Clerk’s Office to be included on the calendar.
  • Members of the clergy or the Brentwood community may, on a first come, first serve basis, sign up to give an invocation.
  • Persons will be welcomed from many faith traditions to give the invocation, but they should represent a community of faith within the City.
  • To ensure that a variety of faith traditions are represented, persons giving invocations may do so only once every quarter. (The quarters will be the following periods)July 1 – September 30; October 1 – December 31; January 1 – March 31; April 1 – June 30)
  • Individuals wishing to give an invocation will receive those guidelines related to the invocation in light of the Rubin v. Burbank decision, to which they will be expected to abide. The guidelines are listed on the page after you submit your sign up information.

At the Meeting

  • The invocation will occur immediately after the pledge of allegiance and before the start of regular City Council business.
  • Invocations should be long enough to be meaningful, but brief enough that the Council has adequate time to address the issues at the meeting. A suggested time is no more than three minutes.
  • If no one signs up to give an invocation at a particular meeting, the City Council may proceed with the remainder of the Agenda or hold a moment of silence in lieu of the invocation.

In General

  • Invocations will occur only at regular meetings of the City Council.
  • If a presenter fails to comply with the non-sectarian invocation limitation set forth in the attached guidelines, he or she may not be permitted to continue the invocation and will not be permitted to present invocations at future City Council meetings.
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